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Every decision a business makes—from choice of entity through daily operations to ultimate dissolution—has complex and critical tax implications. By providing experienced guidance to help limit liability through sound planning, meticulous preparation, and creative solutions to tax challenges, The Kolawole Law Firm, LLC supports clients in making the right decisions and planning for the future. Mr. Kolawole’s Master of Laws degree in taxation combined with his diverse experience helps him to guide clients through even their most daunting circumstances.

The Kolawole Law Firm provides guidance to domestic and international investors regarding the merit of tax issues facing entities doing business or making investments overseas. In addition, I assist with the acquisition of U.S. businesses—including those with multi-state operations—with full consideration of state and local tax issues and related matters.

Private client services practice provides customized legal and tax advice to help clients achieve their personal estate and tax planning goals. Depending on the client’s need, the solutions provided range from basic to the complex. As international borders become more porous, many of clients need assistance navigating international tax laws and treaties.

I also counsel tax-exempt organizations on the complicated issues relating to the tax on unrelated business income as well as on the use of structured investments to minimize or avoid these taxes.

When a tax decision is contested, The Kolawole Law Form provides clients with experienced representation in tax examinations, in protest to the IRS Appeals Office, in equivalent state and local appeals functions and in litigation before the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, federal district courts, and state and local tax authorities and courts.

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